Women’s Technology Program Motorsports Tour


The high school students of the WTP program and I take a break from our tour of the MIT Motorsports team’s shop to take a picture with the 2010 Formula SAE car.

Encouraging young women to pursue STEM opportunities is a hot topic for universities and tech-focused companies. As I near the end of my undergraduate career, I always think “How did I ever think I was going to be anything BUT an engineer?” MIT has been an encouraging environment for my development as an engineer. Like other institutions, MIT runs several outreach efforts that are geared towards young women. The Women’s Technology Program is summertime residential program for girls who are going into their junior or senior year of high school. Prof. Barbara Hughey, my 2.671: Measurement & Instrumentation professor, runs the MIT Women’s Technology Program (http://wtp.mit.edu/). Last Sunday, July 7th, the young women of the Women’s Technology Program stopped by N52 to get a tour of the student workspace but also to hear about the different student clubs & teams that call N52 home.

In the course of one afternoon, the girls toured the workspaces of the following teams: SEVT (Solar Electric Vehicle Team), EVT (Electric Vehicle Team), and FSAE (Formula SAE or MIT Motorsports). I had the opportunity to show the girls the downstairs shop, the 2010 FSAE car and what exists of the 2013 car. The picture shows the group of girls (and me!) in front of the 2010 car.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Technology Program Motorsports Tour

  1. Hi Jackie!

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident, and I was even more surprised to find myself here in one of your pictures! (I’m up front to the right of the car.) I just wanted to thank you for such an eye-opening tour and inspiring me to pursue engineering in my future (and possibly build working vehicles)!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad you found my blog – please keep in touch! I had a chance to drop by and briefly look at the WTP Rube Goldberg machines – they were very creative and fun to watch :]

    – Jackie

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