Results from Garage Runs

Download excel file here: raceResults

Race results, visual provided by Shane Colton.

Vehicle Students Time Power Wattage
50 Meter Drag Race best times, scooters
Cruscooter dgonz 8.80s
Pedalscooter ianm92 9.28s
Razor Kitten wkalb 9.62s
50 Meter Drag Race, kart
Melonkart djwise, jsly 8.28s
50 Meter Drag Race, other
Skull Skates orozco 8.86s
Garage Hillclimb best score, scooter
Cruscooter dgonz 77.4s 10.0 Wh 774
Razor Kitten wkalb 95.4s 10.0 Wh 954
Pedalscooter iamn92 79.8s 13.0 Wh 1037.4
Victor’s scooter viictor 88.1s 15.5 Wh 1365.5
Garage Hillclimb, kart
Melonkart jsly 87.4s 27.3 Wh 2386
Melonkart djwise 79.5s 26.8 Wh 2130.6
Garage Hillclimb, other
Rick’s trike rzang 119.5s 13.7 Wh 1637
Instructors, 50 Meter Drag Race

Tinykart scolton 6.52s
Chibikart charlesg 8.26s
Pneu Scooter scolton 10.8s
Instructors, Garage Hillclimb
Tinykart scolton 53.9s 26.7 Wh 1439
Chibikart charlesg 64.9s 20.9 Wh 1356.4

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