2.007 Reflection: Part I


Reflection, Part I: Assessment of your machine’s performance.

MelonKart’s performance. I think it’d probably be easiest if I divided this into several categories – then we’ll see how MelonKart measured up in each of the these categories.

Categories to judge performance

  • Handling (steering)
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Battery usage (Watt consumption)
Handling: Originally, we thought MelonKart was going to have spectactular steering. This is not true. For future MelonKarts, the steering mechanism needs to be more robust.
Stability: MelonKart’s low center of gravity is not enough to counteract MelonKart’s low mass. While in most scenarios MelonKart is stable enough, David had the good fortunate to prove (twice) that if operated at high enough speeds and tight enough turning radii, MelonKart is not very stable.
Speed: MelonKart goes much faster than initial calculations would have suggested. Partially due to MelonKart’s final weight being much lower than MelonKart’s original  ‘design’ weight. MelonKart also accelerates extremely quickly.
From the competition ..
50 Meter Drag Race, kart
Melonkart djwise, jsly 8.28s
The speed curves for the Turnigy motor are included below.

Figure 1: Torque/Speed Curve for Turnigy “Melon” Motor

Figure 2: Speed/Power Curve for Turnigy “Melon” Motor

Figure 3: Torque/Power Curve for Turnigy “Melon” Motor

Power: As MelonKart demonstrated in the hill-climb, it packs some serious power. Not extremely energy efficient but eh. It is a giant toy. MelonKart’s purpose is purely amusement. From Charles’ records of the competition:

Garage Hillclimb, kart
Melonkart jsly 87.4s 27.3 Wh 2386
Melonkart djwise 79.5s 26.8 Wh 2130.6

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