Updates: Line-following

Most successful run so far!!

Last Friday Candace and I worked out our inital code and got our robot’s sensors to function properly. Candace had the neat idea of incorporating a threshold calibration – that took some figuring out but it works. Friday I tweaked our while loops to get it to ‘play nice’ (ie. stay on line, don’t get off line) while operating very slowly. Today, I was finally able to get the robot to successfully recover. I worked on creating a loop where the robot ‘scanned’ for the line it had jumped off of.

Problems to be addressed next: the scan needs to be wider, scan doesn’t account for jumps – so scan should also progress forward. Right now I have the robot rotating on a pivot point.

Anyway, exciting! I’ll upload videos/pictures/code when I get a chance.

Update (7:36pm): Here are pictures and some videos.

Background information: The chassis was provided by the class – wiring was up to the individual student groups as was programming.



Sweep functionality:

Test run #1:



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