CNC Lathe – Visit #4

Mark started teaching me how to use the CNC Lathe in the Edgerton Shop on campus. I’m back in the shop today trying to finish an additional three endcaps for “Meter-Glider” (a more appropriate name would be “Almost-But-Not-Quite-Two-Meters-Glider”

The CNC Lathe is quickly becoming one of my favorite machines in the shop but I’m always forgetting how to set up the commands. Unfortunately I typically choose to use this machine on the weekend when Mark is at home and ultimately I call him on his cell at least once (usually twice) during the process.

I’m going to outline some of the things I typically forget. This is by no means a comprehensive how-to. Think of it as a quick reference guide.

Of all the operations the CNC Lathe can handle, I’m interested in three.

1. Facing

2. Turning down to OD

3. Grooving*

* Re: grooving – I am not comfortstill using the CNC Lathe like a manual


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