MelonKart spends some time in front of a (video) camera

Today MelonKart was filmed for the 2.007 project showcase. David and I tagged along to talk about how we built it.

Dan Gonzalez, another 2.007 EV student / builder of Cruscooter / fellow camera enthusiast, took these photos. I’m so pleased! They came out beautifully. Dan said he was excited about test-running my new lens (from SwapFest ’12) and I think that shows in the photos.

I’m hoping to get a hold of the footage at some point. Here’s photos from the filming though.

Oh, also MelonKart got accepted into the DeFlorez Mechanical Engineering Design Competition! David and I will be presenting MelonKart this upcoming Friday (4/27) at the poster session for the competition.



The feed from the video camera – MelonKart, David and I are pictured.

Introductions! What is a MelonKart? Why is it a Melon – Kart?

Additional photos after the jump.

Additional Photos 


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