SwapFest 4/15/2012

On Charles’s suggestion, David and I took MelonKart to the SwapFest (link: http://w1mx.mit.edu/flea-at-mit)

SwapFest was awesome! I enjoyed looking at all the parts up for sale – very tempting but I managed to walk away without doing much damage. I did buy a new lens for my Sony Alpha, a book on Fluid Mechanics (Binder, ’43), a Dwight-from-The-Office sticker for my sister.

But more importantly, MelonKart got some fresh air. Charles took it for a spin down the pavement that runs parallel to the rail road tracks. I then took it for a similar ride and blew a fuse. MelonKart has blown a 30amp fuse in the past but this was the first time a 40amp fuse blew.

More pictures from SwapFest are below but here are pictures of the 40amp fuse before and after.





Pictures of MelonKart and SwapFest:

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Additional photos after the jump …

Here are the pictures of SwapFest in all of its glory and MelonKart at SwapFest:

SwapFest inspired me to at least read about amateur radio. Yes, on Reddit.

“Basics of Ham Radio – The Short Version” http://www.reddit.com/r/amateurradio/comments/j0pe0/basics_of_ham_radio_the_short_version/ 


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